Working Papers

  1. The Impact of Neighborhood School Choice: Evidence from Los Angeles’ Zones of Choice
    Campos, Christopher, and Kearns, Caitlin
    Reject and Resubmit at QJE
  2. Independent Contracting, Self-Employment, and Gig Work: Evidence from California Tax Data
    Bernhardt, Annette, Campos, Christopher, Prohofsky, Allen, Ramesh, Aparna, and Rothstein, Jesse
    Forthcoming at ILR Review

Work in Progress

  1. Social Interactions and Preferences for Schools: Experimental Evidence from Los Angeles
    Campos, Christopher
    Draft coming soon
  2. Decomposing the Gender Earnings Gap
    Bucarey, Alonso, Campos, Christopher, Contreras, Dante, and Munoz, Pablo
    Draft coming soon

Other Publications

  1. Understanding Which Prices Affect Inflation Expectations
    Campos, Christopher, McMain, Michael, and Pedemonte, Mathieu
    Economic Commentary (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)